2023 Outdoors Christmas Wish List

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Jody Thibodeau

12/8/20232 min read

On episode 8 of the Filled Quiver Outdoors Podcast, I talked about my Outdoors Christmas Wish List. In this article, you'll find links to where you can buy the specific items mentioned (as of 08 December 2023). Aside from those items sold by Filled Quiver Outdoors, neither Filled Quiver Outdoors nor I are affiliated with or receive kickbacks from any of the companies or stores associated with the items or links listed here. The items are things which I either already own and would happily purchase as gifts for someone else, or they are items I have discovered that I would like to have myself.

Some of the items have so many options and variations that really are dependent on the recipient, I have not provided a direct link to them. Those are listed at the very end of this article below the links. Some of the items have an asterisk (*) beside them to denote items my kids, who range in age from 3-8, have said they would like to have this year.

If you haven't listened to the episode, I would suggest you do so, as I explain why I included each item on the list and some of the highlights about them. Use the contact me link at the bottom of the page if you want to share any items you would have included or experience you have with items I did include; good, bad, or ugly.

Gospel Fly Lapel Pin (Includes free Gospel Fly Sticker with orders through 31 December 2023)

Swoley Bear Sticker

Rite in the Rain Ring Binder Kit (3-ring binder, 50 sheets of Rite in the Rain paper, cordura cover, and rite in the rain pen)

The Morning Bite 45 day devotional--Call Chris Wells at 864.414.9453 to order

Yukon Outfitters Mystery Hammock

Palmer Handheld Fly Tying Tool

Kabar Spork 3 Pack (OD/Brown/Black)

Kabar Spork 3 Pack (Red/White/Blue Edition)

Mepps Lure Grab Bags

Pokka Pen

Micro Ready Rope

Squatchy Ranger Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army Knife*

32 ounce wide mouth Nalgene bottle

Nalgene OTF Cap

Cradle of Forestry in America: The Biltmore Forest School 1898-1913 by Carl Alwin Schenck

Annual Park Passport to National Parks or State Park System where recipient lives

Guided fishing trip


Gift card to a local outdoors business

Publication of State Wildlife/Natural Resources Department Where recipient lives or his/her home state

Hiking Boots*

.22 Rifle*

Bird feeder, house, or bath

2023 Outdoors Christmas Wish List

Jody Thibodeau

08 Dec 2023