Gospel Fly

Tips on the (Gospel) Fly

While there is no "right" way to share the gospel using the Gospel Fly, here are a few tips that may make it easier:

  1. Memorize the basics, not a script

    • The only things you truly need to memorize are the meanings of each color and the associated scriptures. While it's best to memorize the actual scriptures, you can get by with just knowing the references. Not feeling the need to say specific words allows you to make each encounter and sharing opportunity unique and personal which can be more impactful than reciting something from memory. A lot of times it's easy to tell something is being recited from memory. You can be as simple or complex with your explanations, but it is usually best to err on the side of simplicity when initially sharing the gospel and provide more details when answering any questions your listener(s) may have.

  2. Follow a logical sequence

    • Not only does following a logical sequence help avoid leaving out anything, the process of salvation follows a natural progression from living in sin to living in Heaven anyway. By presenting the gospel as a timeline, your listener can more easily follow, understand, and retain what you share with them. This is the recommended order:

      • Black Tail - Sin - Romans 3:23

      • Red Body - Jesus' Blood - Ephesians 1:7

      • White Wings - Cleansing of Sins - 1 John 1:9

      • Blue Background - Baptism - Acts 22:6

      • Green Head - Growth in Christ - 2 Peter 3:18

      • Gold Hackle and Hook - Heaven - Revelation 21:18

  3. Use alternate/additional scripture references as appropriate

    • While there are multiple scripture references which can be used for each color of the Gospel Fly, you'll notice we use list only one verse per color on all of the resources and materials. These six verses were were selected for various reasons such as ease of memorization, specific reference in the verse to the related color's meaning (i.e. black - sin; red - Jesus' blood; etc.), and common use with other tools based on the wordless book method of witnessing. You can use additional verses, or swap verses depending on your audience. One example would be using John 3:16 in place of Ephesians 1:7 for when discussing the red body representing Jesus' blood being shed for us.

  4. Encourage follow-up

    • After sharing the gospel, ask if the individual would like to know how to accept the gift of salvation and guide him or her through a prayer of salvation then encourage them to find a local church where they can get involved and begin to grow in their new life.